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Innovative Solutions.
Fueling Success.

Historically, domestic wells have produced an average of 50 to 100 barrels per day. An individual oil field tends to produce at its maximum rate at the start of its life. This production rate eventually declines at a rate that depends on the oil reservoir and the type of drive mechanism. In order to maintain production levels, most will at some point require recompletion efforts to boost production back to former levels. Recompletion often involves stimulation of the reservoir, perforating old or new casing, and completing sections of pay often overlooked in upper or lower reservoirs to liberate the hydrocarbons.

Supernova Energy Inc. specializes in well bore completion and re-completion services for small, independent operators with existing oil and gas production. Our consulting services include: completion, recompletion, workover, and turnkey solutions. All services are provided by the most experienced professional service providers in the industry.

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Our Team

BOLAWOO Pu Men's Autumn Winter Fur Fit Padded Khaki Fashion Slim Jacket Coat Biker Yellow Outerwear Windbreaker Warm Quilted Leather Down Brands Zippered Kevin G. Malone

Director, President, Secretary, CEO and CFO

Since February 2013 Kevin Malone has served on the board of US Highland Inc. Prior to joining US Highland Mr. Malone has worked in the financial service industry since 1985. From March 2009 through October 2012 Mr. Malone served as head trader for R.F. Lafferty & Company, Inc. From January 2006 until March 2009 Mr. Malone worked in the same capacity at Westminster Securities Corporation. From December 2002 through January 2006 Mr. Malone worked for Aegis Capital Corporation.

Mr. Malone is a goal driven business executive whose imaginative and highly effective business career has spanned over 25 years in the financial sector. A strategic thinker with exceptional interpersonal skills and outstanding work ethic, Mr. Malone has a proven track record in bond sales, trading, and business development. Corporate Management is his specialty with an emphasis on his extensive knowledge of the financial markets and capital. Mr. Malone brings a strategic direction for the Company along with the experience in regulatory and internal company compliance. Mr. Malone believes in the building of quality asset valuations and cash flow as the key to maximizing shareholder value.

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Nicholas A. Upchurch


Pu Quilted Brands Fashion Leather Windbreaker Biker Warm BOLAWOO Fit Khaki Coat Outerwear Autumn Men's Yellow Winter Jacket Padded Zippered Down Fur Slim Mr. Upchurch is an oil and gas professional with over 14 years of experience in leasing, drilling, operating, completions, and geological analysis. He brings noteworthy strengths in all facets of the oil and gas E & P sector drawn from a wealth of experience and expertise within the energy industry. Throughout his career, Mr. Upchurch has been involved in the acquisitions of over 100,000 acres in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma and has drilled, operated, and/or produced over 100 wells in Appalachian Basin. Additionally, he has discovered, drilled, operated, and produced the 4th largest well in the State of Kentucky.

Leather Fashion Coat Padded Autumn Winter BOLAWOO Brands Outerwear Down Zippered Windbreaker Fit Men's Yellow Slim Quilted Warm Biker Pu Khaki Fur Jacket Through his experience, dedication, and aggressive approach to the sector, he has gained an impeccable reputation among professionals in the energy industry in Kentucky and Tennessee. His skills encompass virtually every aspect of oil & gas exploration, well completion and production techniques alongside a diverse experience in project acquisition, negotiations, contracts, and project divestitures within the petroleum industry. Mr. Upchurch has contributed in full field exploitation programs with additional traditional and secondary forms of drilling and completions, along with ongoing well site supervision aimed at fully optimizing the overall asset.

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Supernova provides engineering, project management, and turnkey services to the independent operator in the oil and gas industry that require completion, re-completion and workover.

Supernova’s approach is to substantially upgrade the well, using state of the art re-completion methods; bringing new life to old wells.

Many once profitable oil wells are being plugged and abandoned. Supernova will evaluate abandoned and ‘stripper status’ wells to determine whether our Turnkey or Paid-For partnership option is suitable.

[icon_box title=”Well Engineering” icon=”fa-wrench” big_icon=”true”]Supernova provides project specific well engineering services for new well completions, recompletions, and workovers to small and medium sized independent operators.

Supernova and affiliates offer a complete package of specialty engineering services covering any and all facets of the specific project over any stage of operation from permit to production.[/icon_box]

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[icon_box title=”Project Management” icon=”fa-sitemap” big_icon=”true”]Supernova offers project management services through our affiliated company, Western Resource Development LLC. Together they provide total project coordination, engineering and supervision for those smaller companies with limited staff or capital.

Supernova provides project management services not only for our core completion, recompletion and workover projects, but also for select new drilling ventures. Supernova is actively seeking out opportunities in oil and gas projects that meet the Company’s criteria for investment, risk and payback for completion, recompletion and new drill ready prospects.[/icon_box]

[icon_box title=”Turnkey Service” icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” big_icon=”true”]Supernova, as part of our project management services offered through our affiliates , may offer a Turnkey or Paid-For Option for specific, lower risk completion, re-completion and workover projects. Candidate’s for this Turnkey or Paid-For service will be evaluated based on an engineering risk assessment of the proposed work.[/icon_box]
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Current Investments

Winter Yellow Leather Slim Brands Fashion Pu Warm Zippered Biker Men's Down Fit Outerwear Padded Khaki Quilted Coat Autumn Jacket Windbreaker Fur BOLAWOO There are thousands of opportunities in well completion, management, and ownership, in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas alone. Supernova has an operating license in the state of Kansas where it concentrates on completions, recompletions and workovers, through working-interest (WI) partnerships. Our current investments provide promising targets for both short and long term cashflow.