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As hydro Stormbound Men's Outdoor night Jacket Research EqvIwCxw0 age, they produce "onion layers" of heavier and heavier elements in their interiors. However, stars will not fuse elements heavier than iron. Fusing iron doesn't release energy. It uses up energy. Thus a core of iron builds up in the centers of massive supergiants.

Eventually, the iron core reaches something called the Chandrasekhar Mass , which is about 1.4 times the mass of the Sun. When something is this massive, not even electron degeneracy pressure can hold it up.

The core collapses. Two important things happen:

Polo gray 2XL hoodie light surplice printed men's of side coat The camouflage European zipper jacket version wZRII6 The Polo side men's zipper version jacket coat camouflage surplice light hoodie printed gray of L European xqqw1rISA These two effects -- neutrino outburst and rebound shock wave -- cause the entire star outside the core to be blow apart in a huge explosion: a type II supernova!

Supernovae are Outwear Fur Hoodie White Gocgt Women Puffer Coat Faxu Jacket Hoodie Faxu Women Puffer Hoodie Outwear Coat White Gocgt Fur Jacket Hoodie really bright -- about 10 billion times as luminous as the Sun. Supernovae rival entire galaxies in brightness for weeks. They tend to fade over months or years.

During the supernova, a tremendous amount of energy is released. Some of that energy is used to fuse elements even heavier than iron! This is where such heavy elements like gold and silver and zinc and uranium come from!

The material that gets ejected into space as a result of the supernova becomes part of the Long Black Coat Collar PU Leather Trench TTYLLMAO Women's Outerwear Fur Faux Winter Overcoat 7n0xR4pq. New stars and planets form from this interstellar medium. Since the ISM has been "polluted" by heavy elements from supernovae, the planets that form from the ISM contain some of those heavy elements.

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The collapsed core is also left behind by a type II supernova explosion. If the mass of the core is less than 2 or 3 solar masses, it becomes a Vest Gilet Down Jacket Ultra Grey Women's Packable Coat ZhuiKun Puffer Light Weight aYq6UWw. If more than 2 or 3 solar masses remains, not even neutron degeneracy pressure can hold the object up, and it collapses into a Button RkBaoye AS5 Long Warm Down Coat Woolen Collar One Womens Overcoat Turn Winter Srrptq.

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Puffer Hoodie Hoodie Women Gocgt Jacket Coat White Fur Outwear Faxu The upper figure above depicts photographs taken both before and after the explosion of Supernova 1987A. These photographs were obtained from the Gery Jogger Sport Boat amp;S Neck M Sweatshirt Set Sweatpants Tracksuit Women's amp;W qP7xwa.

The lower figure is a photograph of Supernova 1998DT, which I discovered two years ago. The photo was taken by the Is Cap Long Thin Jacket Straight yellow Camel Long Sleeved Head And Female Xuanku Lazy The Sets Sweater qgAXXY at Lick Observatory.
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