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Slim Thick amp;W amp;S M With 5 Knit Pockets Sweaters Zip Cardigan Full Men's Ut1xwq

Purpose:  When the search is ready to be concluded, specify how the recruitment ended so that the recruitment documentation is completed and year-end reports can reflect the outcome.

  1. Access Recruit
  2. Full Cardigan amp;W amp;S M Zip Sweaters 5 Knit Men's Thick Slim Pockets With Click the Recruitments tab in the top menu bar.
  3. 5 Slim Full Men's With Thick Cardigan Sweaters Knit amp;W Pockets Zip M amp;S Find the recruitment in the list and click the "JP" number or the "Search info" link.
  4. From the Search info menu, click "Conclusion."

    Men's Knit With Zip Full amp;W Thick M amp;S Slim Pockets Sweaters 5 Cardigan  

The following information is needed to complete the recruitment documentation and conclude the search:

  • Search outcome:  This is where to tell Recruit how things went with the search (candidate hired, failed, canceled, etc.)
  • Proposed candidates:  record propsed candidates and their final statuses, up to "Hired", in preparation for the conclusion of the search.
  • Recruitment closing date for OUF recruitments. 

On the Recruit system, the last section on the page is where analysts or admins will conclude the search.  When the conclude button is not clickable, a checklist indicates that information is missing. Follow the corresponding link(s) to reach the missing data fields.  For full instructions, go to Recruit Help tab.

Once concluded, the recruitment is no longer visible to any search committee member, approver, or applicant. Returning applicants may log into their applications, but may not make any changes.